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  1.     Query Tracker
    Query Tracker
    QueryTracker has... 1,340 Agents Listed 194 Publishers Listed 1400+ Success Stories and it's FREE!
  2.    Page After Page
    Page After Page
    Page After Page shows you how to find the courage and commitment to start writing and keep writing.
  3.          Dropbox
    Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily. Never email yourself a file again! Dropbox, offers 2 GB of storage for free Basic accounts.
  4.        For Writers
    For Writers
    Helping writers create, connect and earn
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  1.     Janet Friedman
    Janet Friedman
    This site has been named a Top 101 Website for Writers. Offers information and business advice for writers.
    Protect your work by registering a free copyright today Don't let anybody steal your work. Prove your ownership. Safe, secure and completely free.
  3.       PrivacyPolicy
    Get your free privacy policy right now. Customized for your website and your specific needs. Agreements are drafted by professional lawyers. Save your time and legal fees. Free for personal use.
  4.     KissCartoon
    Need brain relief so you can start back writing fresh. Go here and watch your favorite cartoons!
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  1.           Book Toolkit
    Book Toolkit
    Suite of tools designed to help you craft the perfect book launch with ease. Guidebook outlining twenty tools and techniques, include seven templates, and five cheat sheets that will make your book launch a success.
  2.            Blog to Book
    Blog to Book
    If you are a blogger and want to take things to the next level and become an author, then this is the eBook.

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