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Japanese Hosts:Dirty Little Secrets
Dirty Little Secrets: Japanese Male Hosts - An Erotic Anthology brings
together three tales of Shiree McCarver’s works in erotic fiction
featuring Japanese men and Black women. The three stories include: Rich
Girls Cry Too, Club Iridescence, and Sayonara Teacher.
Dirty Little Secrets: Japanese Male Hosts - An Erotic Anthology is a must-read for
fans of steamy interracial erotica featuring Asian men and Black women!
If you're not already a fan you will be. Due to the adult nature of this
works of fiction not recommended for the young reader.
Club Iridescence
African American vampire and huntress Nefera Hiraoka Japanese mate go missing while he is doing business in Japan.  Because of an incident five centuries before she has been forbidden to return to ever set foot in Japan again by the Japanese Vampire Council.
Once her vampire husband, Hiroshi Hiraoka, is found he is in the midst of a horrible transformation caused by a viral infection from one of the ghoul-like creatures that were holding his niece hostage. Nefera defies the laws and journeys to Japan to retrieve her mate regardless of the protest of his older half brother, host club owner Manaka Hiraoka’s, warning about retribution from the Japanese Vampire Council if she sets foot on their soil.
Only Nefera’s magic and passion can give her eternal lover from dying.   Knowing Manaka lust for her, she promises to give him what he wants if he gives her what she wants.  If Nefera succeeds in all that Manaka ask of her, she and Hiroshi will leave Japan with something more sacred and precious than eternal life itself.
Sayonara Teacher
African American group leader, thirty-six year old virginal spinster Katie Mae Jones, two year tenure teaching at the American School in Chōfu, Tokyo, Japan has come to an end.  During her going away party she is given an invitation by one of her students who claims the invite comes from an unknown benefactor who wants to assure Katie’s is given one night to remember before she leaves. 
The invitation is for a private hosts club called, Club Heaven. Katie’s curiosity gets the best of her and she enters behind the garden equaled to Eden hosted by “angels” with wings dressed in white tuxedo prepared to cater to her every desire.  After being bathed, pampered, and primed by two sexy male hosts, she is turned over to the patient care of her personal host, Tenshi, for the night.  Left with the decision whether to leave her innocence behind in Japan or take it back home with her and returning to the dullness of the life she left behind.
One guiltless night in the arms of her gorgeous angelic male host, Katie blossoms out of her shyness to become a new woman.  The invitation turns out to be a gift straight from heaven.
Love asks a lot from us, but in the end what else is there?
This is a coming into oneself story: Game Developer Yashiro Tezuka goes through pain and strife to become the “man” he was meant to be; a man who is worthy enough to marry his first love African American socialite, Elizabeth Dickens.  
Determine to win her back now that he feels he has the right to ask her to be his wife; Lizzie is preparing to marry a man her father approves of.
When she proves to be too be too angry at him for abandoning her all those years ago, with the help of her best friend who knows Elizabeth’s true feelings for Yashiro helps him to temporary kidnap her and seduce her like she’s never been seduced before.  If he fails he will lose the only light that helped him through his darkest hours.
Japanese Hosts:Dirty Little Secrets


Club Iridescence

Sayonara Teacher