"Love is in the heart of the beholder and some hearts are colorblind." 
~ Shiree McCarver
A couple considering loving outside the box society paint one in should weigh many factors. While a difference in the color of one’s skin color should not be ignored, it absolutely should not be the determining factor in whether a couple should marry. An interracial couple may face discrimination and ridicule, and they should be prepared to respond to such prejudice in a calm manner.  It may be difficult but ignorance shouldn’t be acknowledged in kind.  These individuals have no bearing to the love you share in your heart, so don’t allow them to taint the purity of your happiness.  There is no way in a world full of so much diversity that everyone’s life-mate was born the same race they were.  I don’t think love works that way.  There isn't a shortage of good people to fall in love with, just a limitation.  A limitation you have to choose to set on yourself.  The question is...why should you?
Don't Accept or Place Irrational Guilt
If you are being made to feel that you are a divisive force in the family because you refuse to end an interracial relationship, understand that the guilt isn't yours to own. The family member who refuses to associate with you and/or the rest of the family needs to own their decision.
~ Dr. Phil
You can’t build or sustain an interracial relationship without acknowledgment, acceptance and respect of the race and background of the person you are with.  Any disrespect you feel in the relationship should be addressed immediately.  Not all who date outside their race are doing so for the right reasons.  You have to acknowlege if they are in love with you or your ethnicity?
You may discover that your date’s parents immediately embrace you, thrilled that their child has found someone so wonderful. Still, hesitations may arise later. Some parents might welcome you as a date, but not a permanent family member. Be patient. When parents see how happy their children are in a healthy relationship, race and background will become less important and they will eventually adjust their ideal love match for their child.  The will eventually see that you are everything they wanted for their child, except you came wrapped in an unexpected package.
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