Books Featuring Asian Male Leads
It's a personal love; I simply adore Asian men.

After getting to know more about  Asian cultures I found  we had more in common than not. Yet for foolish reasons, mostly based on sterotypical ideas we  are oblivious to each other in a crowded room of other singles. 
Black Women and Asian Men are the two most unlikely to get together out of all the cultures and that just stupid because we both are the two races and sexes with the most singles available for a love match in this world.
  I suppose I started writing Blasian romances with the hope that the Asian men would see that a Black woman can appreciate them and their love of family. 
Hopefully with my books I can put the "idea" into the universe that Asian Men and Black Women fit.
I also hope after reading my books Women of Color can open up to the fact there's a new leading man in Romance Town.
"I love the author's stories of a dating demographic that is seldom seen Asian men and African-American women. I think the unique combination and discrepancy in age also made for an interesting read. The precursor to this book in the Musicians in Love series."
"Her Asian male leads and her ability to go where no author has dared to go before in books featuring characters in an interracial relationship is fastly giving her a niche in this fastly growing genre."

"I first got to know author Shiree McCarver when her Blasian novels gained the attention of readers at the Narrative.  Ms. McCarver is an accomplished storyteller with an admirable tendency to think outside the box and do what isn't being done...industry be damned."
  1. J-Pop Love Song
    Charlene Alfred, a forty-one year old writer is about to have her first best selling novel "Blu's Diary" turned into an internationally released miniseries. Twenty-four year old Japanese pop sensation “Kane” finds there is a connection between him and this woman that defies all reasoning and logic.
  2. Visual-Kei Rock Star
    Sadie Bank has one desire—to become the best professional dancer and choreographer in her field. Japanese music protégé Subaru Chouda was born a beautiful and gifted child with a musical soul too sensitive for the life he was born into. His love for Sadie makes him a man adored by millions.
  3. A Holiday To Remember
    Julia Payne, a professional photographer lost her fiancé in the 9-11 Attacks. She makes the best of every moment. Brooding Japanese conductor, Ikuya Yamane, plays Russian roulette with his life. Their affair has an expiration date. Will Julia get more than a holiday to remember?
  4. Metal Love Songs
    When Freedom Rose finds her sexual awaking in the arms of the up and coming Dymond’s front man, Chay Kim, and the already iconic musical genius, Craven Summers she skyrockets into being the first Black woman to front one of today’s most prolific Symphonic Metal bands.
  5. The Search
    September 1870 with the arrival of Dr. Wen Yang’s new housekeeper, Rain Deerfield his serene world becomes full of intrigue as one unexplained ghostly encounter after another occurs. Is Dr. Wen Yang’s island home truly inhabited by ghosts or is there something more sinister going on?
  6. The Contract: Sunshine
    Sunshine Dupree will gain her independence from her domineering grandmother if she remains married for one year per the terms of her father’s will, but she will have to partner up with a handsome Korean stranger offering her a marriage of convenience to achieve her goal.
  7. Japanese Hosts: Dirty Little Secrets
    An Erotic Anthology brings together three tales of erotic fiction featuring Japanese men and Black women. The three stories include: Rich Girls Cry Too, Club Iridescence, and Sayonara Teacher. If you can't love outside the box this one isn't for you.
  8. Eternally I Do
    Four hundred and fifty year old samurai vampire, Hideaki Kinoshita, awakes to find Forensic Anthropologist Bonnie Hudson, a woman with big curves in a Miami Florida morgue. Bonnie doesn't realize her selfless gesture will change her entire life making Hide eternally…hers.
  9. The Flavor of Love
    Judge Keigo Kyou, meet Psychic Chef, Etta Jones after an irate customer hauls her into his televised courtroom. When she refuses to adhere to the rules of his courtroom she is forced into working for Keigo, but Etta, may be a little more than his well-organized lifestyle can handle.
  10. Zola's Magic Touch
    Japanese scientist Shirou Tsubasa has a fear of public speaking and NASA needs their golden boy to speak at a fundraiser. Zola Simpson, a plus-size public affairs specialist is hired to snap the genius into shape for the big event. The chemistry is hot as Zola works her magic in this erotic short read.