Metal Love Song

The Prince and the Panther

Metal Love Songs, a coming of age story, takes you on the journey into a woman's sexual awaking in the arms of the up and coming Dymond's front man, Chay Kim, and the already iconic musical genius, Craven Summers.
Emotional betrayal and lost love drive Freedom Rose into becoming the first African American woman to front FreeFall, one of today's most prolific Symphonic Metal bands.
Freedom, Chay, and Craven have all the trappings that success and money can buy except the lost love they can't forget.  It takes an unforeseen accident to bring them full circle where they began.
Sir Lucian Gilbert, master of lies and disguises has retired from Queen Elizabeths Secret Service to find the answers to his past.  Left abandoned by his mother with his grandfather as a child, he will go to any lengths to discover the identity of his father and to uncover the circumstances that caused his mother to send him away.
Zeundi, a Nubian assassin raised in Japan is preparing to meet her death; but as fate would have it, the very same Englishman that her assassin sister Sauda asks her to protect.  Now she must stay alive to help Lucian on his mission while fighting off those who seek her life for a bounty price.
Once Lucian uncovers the truth will the Zeundi still have a place in his life?