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A Satyr's Tale: Selby and Darius
SELBY MAISON has worked her way up from an orphan to a successful
recording star. Only to find at thirty-five her career is fading, she
has a failed marriage, and now can never have children. What's a girl to
DARIUS ANDROS is a shape-shifting Satyr from Ancient Greece.
He is searching for a soul mate that can give him a family he so longs
for. With one catch she must be a descendant of the Nymphs for it to
Can Selby accept the offerings of undying love from
Darius? To be immortal and be able to have children that would be half
Together they must face fears they both have and make a decision of life immortal or human.
May include intense violence and language, and mature sexual themes
A Satyr's Tale: Selby and Darius


            Selby Maison stood in front of the mirror and watched as her fingers caressed the healed scar that ran from her navel to the top of her pussy. 
There was a time when she took pleasure in gazing at her own body.  But now she couldn't bear to look at her reflection and she definitely wasn't going to torment a man into lying about how sexy she was. 
To seduce a woman of wealth and notoriety, a man would use every trick in the book, including lying.  Such men, generally speaking, were lousy fucks with huge egos; egos that required you to lie about their alleged sexual prowess that left you frustrated and unfulfilled.
Moreover, a lousy fuck only taught you how to become as consummate a liar as he was by telling him how great he was in the bed.  It was shameful what a woman would do and say to not sleep alone.
Now that Selby couldn’t have babies, the thought of marriage was no longer appealing.  What good was the “white picket fence” without children playing behind it?  She didn’t look forward to explaining to every potential partner that he was giving up his opportunity to have children by being with her.
As she turned to the side, she had no choice but to admit she never took pleasure in looking at her body in the mirror because her stomach and hips had always been too big for generally accepted standards of beauty.  Her naturally large breasts were so heavy they started going south when she turned twenty-five.  Now at thirty-five, just three years after her partial hysterectomy, her stomach, tits, hips and ass had become what seemed to be one big mass of flesh.
Yes, she was one of the obese American statistics you always hear about.  A native of Alabama, she was a lifetime member of the S.B.A.S.B.W., Southern Big Ass Society of Black Women.
It was not a myth that southern women could cook and she was no exception.  Her foster mother made sure that she would be a virginal bride and homemaker with a good Holiness background.  These genteel qualities in no way helped in her battle to be thin. 
Hell how was it possible to be thin when it only took two hours to whip up her own batch of biscuits, complimented by some smokin’ smothered fried chicken, accompanied by a jar of sweet iced tea and topped off with a thick slice of double chocolate cake? 
When a woman sits down at the table and enjoys the taste of her own cooking, she knows she doesn't stand a snowball's chance in hell of wearing a size six.  As part of her first contract in the entertainment industry, there had been a stipulation that she maintained her figure somewhere between a size six and eight.  Depressed from her failed marriage, she took comfort in the kitchen and once she reached a size ten, they broke her contract and dumped her from their label.
This wasn't a big deal for a platinum recording artist.  Immediately, she signed with another label and they stood by her all the way up to a size eighteen.  Then, they too, dropped her. 
So now, she was a size twenty-two and working in local Las Vegas casinos while earning revenue from her old hits.  Her best friend and manager, Zaza, had hustled a “comeback” contract and they were waiting for new songs that she didn't know if she was capable of producing. 
The one thing Selby could admit was she was lonely and horny as hell.  Her lover of the past three years had been fine! Double-door white refrigerator loaded with all her favorite goodies type of fine.  Still, she was a woman who had lost her zest for life and the way she was living wasn’t satisfying.
The only time she felt happy was in her dreams.  Strangely, since the dreams started a couple of years ago, not even eating during her waking hours appeased the aching loneliness building inside her.
Selby wondered how long it took for ambitious women to get to a point in their lives where they could forgive themselves for choosing a career over having children.  When would she stop blaming herself for squandering her youth in order to please others?
With a yawning sigh, Selby moved away from the mirror.  Each time she walked into the master bath with its Grecian marble floors, she remembered she needed to buy more throw rugs.  She loved the feeling of sinking her naked toes into the plush cream carpet of her dressing room and this marble wasn’t doing a thing for her.
 Turning the ornamental knobs, she watched as the water rose along the sides of the luxurious sunken bathtub.
She made sure housekeeping hadn’t reset the thermostat on the tub while she twisted her mid-length hair atop her head using extra-long bobby pins to secure it in place.
Selby treaded down two rubber-covered steps and eased into the water, allowing it to envelope her body into a cocoon of warmth. 
With the press of a button, the opening strains of music from her first album flooded the room.  Deep inside, she hoped it would eventually spark some creative ideas for the current album.
It was no secret her new producers had voiced concerns that she had lost her ability to pen chart-topping songs.  They even asked her to consider singing tunes by other writers.  Frowning as she reflected on that request, she wondered how she could evoke an emotional connection to her songs if they weren’t HER songs.  She would know the difference, so would her fans.
Selby leaned her head back and allowed her neck to rest on the bath pillow.  She closed her eyes, replaying the past few years of her life and wondered how she managed to survive.
Her last album hadn’t been as successful as the first and she knew what the difference had been.  When she had written the first one, she had been in love.
Correction, she had been a fool for love.  That is usually what happens when you are in a one-sided relationship.
She opened her heart, legs, house and bank account to that man.  Isn’t that what newly married women are suppose to do?  As Brian had pointed out, why did she marry him if she didn’t trust him? 
Of course she could have blamed her impetuous marriage, undertaken without a prenuptial agreement, on too much alcohol or because she was bored, but that would have been a lie.  She married him because she loved him and his happiness had become her new goal in life; that and having his babies, of course.  Yet, for him, there had never been a good time to have children.
  It had taken almost three years of large, unexplained withdrawals from her account and a serious threat by one of her husband’s loan sharks to face the truth.
Once Zaza had given her official records from the private investigator she had hired on her behalf, there was no denying the truth.  She had been living a lie and now it all seemed obvious.
His medical complaints of back pain, the phantom stomach cancer and his fictional work history had been his way of manipulating her emotions as he weaseled his way into her heart.  The private investigator’s report confirmed that Brian’s entire life was one big pretense after another. 
Three years into the marriage—trusting, supporting and loving this man—Selby learned she had married a complete stranger.
 She had thought that she was being a good Christian wife by supporting a loving man presently down on his luck, only to find none of her life with Brian had been real. 
Were all women this easily duped by a conniving man?  Or was she particularly vulnerable due to her feelings of low self-esteem and abandonment, as her psychiatrist suggested during one of her overpriced therapy sessions?
Any child growing up without knowing their real parents and having to graciously accept the foster family's refusal to adopt them was going to have issues.   Eventually she found a family that wanted to keep her, but they had been very religious and strict in her upbringing.  It didn’t take much longer before she realized that no one would ever officially adopt her because once they did, they wouldn’t receive a monthly check to aid in her support.  Thus began the pattern of becoming a pawn for others’ monetary gain.
Selby reluctantly returned her thoughts back to Brian.  She couldn't believe that nothing, absolutely nothing, about Brian had been the truth.  Not his expressed devotion to his hardworking mother who raised three children alone, or his college degree in finance or the accountant executive position he supposedly left behind in Georgia.
Selby had wanted to believe everything; she had thought it was strange that his cousin was safekeeping his vehicle back in Georgia while he was living in Vegas utilizing public transportation.  After awhile she suppose it seemed logical since he had a new job that could take him out of town at the drop of a hat. 
She knew it was strange that he was never able to produce an emergency contact number where he could be reached at work and when she finally put her foot down and he gave her a number, it never dawned on her to call and check.
She didn’t mind his mysterious job taking him away for days at a time; after all, it had been an ideal situation for Selby.  She was on the road a lot with her own career and having a man with his own business interests seemed the ideal situation.  Yet, once she got a permanent Vegas gig that allowed her to remain at home, she realized he actually never traveled anywhere.
 Selby believed him when he told her he had asked for a desk position that would allow him to do most of his accounting work from home. 
She had seen him working with numbers all the time and how was she to know they were figures for bets he placed in the casino sports bars?  She had been a stupid ass, seeing only what she wanted to see and paid dearly for it with the hefty divorce settlement.
Selby opened her eyes and reached out to shut off the water as she felt the soothing liquid tickling russet-colored nipples.
She no longer had to deal with monthly periods and now that she could have uninterrupted sex, the surgical scars and added weight made her insecure.
She often wondered if the hysterectomy would make a man’s cock feel different inside her.  Would he be able to tell the difference?  Would this make her less desirable as a woman?
One old wives’ tale she had heard from her elderly foster mother after surgery was that her pussy would dry up and shrivel like a prune.  Of course, she didn’t exactly say it like that, but Selby was terrified up until she had taken a mirror and checked out her plumbing.  It was still a slippery, rosy twat and her ovaries, which remained intact, allowed her to produce enough juices to drown a man. 
She laughed aloud, realizing that was a bit of an exaggeration.  However, she was thinking of buying stock in panty shields because she seemed to walk around in a state of aroused wetness.
She sighed in annoyance as she felt her clit tweak in agreement.
“I hear ya, Clitessa,” she chastised, using the little pet name she gave her clitoris.  After all, if men could name their cocks, why couldn’t women name their buttons of joy?
Selby squirted some bath oil in her hand and worked up an oil slick between her palms before she skimmed a slippery hand beneath one heavy breast to glide her fingertips around the brunette areola with her free hand.
Gently, then more firmly, she tweaked and tugged until the pebble of her nipple extended.  Leaning forward she was able to administer tickles from her hot, wet tongue.  She licked, suckled and gasped as she released her nipple from her damp lips.
Selby felt the pull deep in her pussy with each drag on the nipple causing her to cross her ankles.  She flexed and released her thighs, feeling her vagina warm up and her clit swell.
Easing her hands downhill, she massaged and kneaded her fleshy belly along the trail towards paradise.
Once she found her pubis bone, she pressed hard and elevated her hips to meet the power of her wet fingers.
Selby imagined her pussy swelling with each pulse of blood racing to her tender clit.  She could feel the erect nub aching to be touched and she was in no mood to deny her body.
 Eagerly she parted the thick lips of her slick vaginal rim as she gave into her fantasy of a long, thick and wet tongue slipping into her spreading wide lips while swiping roughly against her smooth hooded clit. 
Selby released a loud moan.
Frantically, she fingered Clitessa, but it wasn't enough as she felt her building climax. 
With her free hand, Selby reached out and smacked a familiar button on the side of the marbled spa tub causing the jet streams to burst forth.  She scooted down and spread her thighs wide, past caring about her hair getting wet or water spilling over the sides as she scooted forward.  She lifted her wet feet outside the water to rest against the cool, hard sides of the bath.
One hand held on to the inside railing to keep her face above the water while the other hand kept her pussy lips spread wide to allow the full stinging pulse of the water against her clitoris.  She bit her bottom lip as the water pressure urged her towards the final surge into ecstasy.
Selby shuddered, panting rapidly while her full lips trembled as if seized by an Arctic breeze.  Her body began to quiver uncontrollably as a climax tore through her.  She felt like liquid fire as memories of a dream lover with dark locks of hair and pale green eyes flashed in her mind.
Hot tears kissed the surface of Selby's face as the overwhelming sensation of emptiness flogged her heart. 
“God, please help me find someone just for me before I go completely crazy.  Why don't you just let me die if I'm meant to spend the remainder of my life childless and alone?”
She threw her hands over her mouth and released a muffled scream as she succumbed to her feelings of wretchedness.
“Damn woman is crying again, Sy.  I swear her unhappiness is tearing me asunder.”
“Then you must go to her, Darius.”  Sylus handed his companion an opened bottle of chardonnay.  “You should have never allowed yourself to bond with her during that performance.  You know what happens when you link to the human species.  They are such emotional creatures.”
“It’s different this time, Sy, because I couldn’t help myself and usually when it’s a general link, it wears off.  I linked to Selby well over a year ago and her essence is as nourishing to me as…as the wine we need to survive.  It only confirms to me that she has to be the descendent of a Nymph.”
Sy rolled his eyes.  “How many times have I heard this?”  Sy came up behind Darius and wrapped his muscular arms about his waist, leaning against his familiar and natural form.  His musty scent in animal form was powerful, making Sylus extremely aroused. 
Darius made a formidable human being at 6'2”, with the body of a gladiator.  However, in Satyr form, he was glorious in stature as his hoofed feet increased his height another two inches.
Even though the world had changed and battle between warriors in the coliseum ceased to exist, Sylus noted his friend had taken a shine to using modern exercise contraptions that reminded him of a few pleasure apparatuses he had used on the Marquis de Sade.   Now that insidious bastard deserved all the pain he gave him; more so, because he had the gall to have taken credit for everything Sylus had taught him.  
“Sylus…I am in the middle of an emotional crisis with this woman in my head and you seem to not give a damn!” 
Darius felt irked by his companion’s aloof manner.  But after all these years, he knew Sy rarely demonstrated emotions except for anger and passion.
“I was just thinking about the past centuries,” Sy sighed softly against the broadness of Darius's broad back.  “Remember when life was so much simpler and we were accepted amongst the humankind, even in our true form?”
“It wasn’t that those times were simpler.  It was because our true form was all we had and people accepted it as they accepted the gods.  It was because of Pan’s drunken mishaps that the Satyrs’ reputation was altered.”
Sylus snorted a laugh.  “Please, don't remind me.  Pan isn't even a true Satyr.  He was the bastard-born son of one of a god's indiscretion with a sheep Nymph; and because he was half-man, half-beast, he was assumed to be one of us.”
Sy’s hold dropped away from Darius.  He began to pace in anger.  Nothing riled him more than conversations about Pan.  Darius turned to stare at his friend, sensing a tirade about to begin knowing there was no sense in trying to temper it.  
“Pan!  He was nothing but a fucking runt and such an ugly little goat creature.  You know what pisses me to no end?  The little shit is the one humankind has chosen to depict throughout history.  Why, you may ask?”
Darius narrowed his eyes and glared at him.  “I didn't ask.  I believe we were talking about me.” 
Sylus ignored him and continued his ranting.  “This mistake is because some artistic ass decided to paint the runt of mankind and misnamed him as a Satyr!”
Darius shook his head with a deep chuckle, for it was true.  He didn’t know how many times he had stopped Sylus from posting banners, which no one did anymore.  They used the newspapers now, he would remind his companion.  There was even the time he had to prevent him from shifting to prove historians had made an error. 
It was one of the reasons Sylus could no longer return to the Musée du Louvre, an incident that occurred in 1813.  Of course, leave it to Sylus to misbehave in a museum owned by a fellow Satyr. 
This only incensed Sy more because he wondered how a satyr could sanction art pieces depicting them as “drunken, flute-playing idiots.”
He and Sy chose to stay on the move from city to city and country to country.  It was easier than pretending to grow old, die and become your own children.  Some of the fellow Satyrs liked staying in one place for a sense of stability and some stayed because they had grown attached to some humans.
Yes, a few humans knew they still existed and were not creatures of myth.  These humans held their secrets sacred and made life bearable for them.  The human witches who didn’t mind tumbling with the beast under the moonlight kept loneliness at bay, but only for a moment.
“Damn be it to Zeus for this curse!  You would think that after all these centuries, he could be forgiving.”  Darius frowned.
“Fuckin' gods loved their trickery,” his companion said and added, “He created eternally-virginal Nymphs to roam naked in the hills of Greece and tells us that they must never be touched.  We could eat of all the pussies in the land, but never the twat of the Nymphs.”
Chuckling, Darius clapped Sylus on the shoulder. “Of course, once we did go against Zeus's wishes, we found their pussy juices were the sweetest.”
“You're right about that, but you'd think we would have learned to control our lust and do as we were told after that Adam fellow was tempted.” 
Darius continued to laugh aloud until the persistence of Selby's sadness overwhelmed him.  “Enough, Sy, my head is already killing me,” he sighed.  There was a deep longing to go to her and ease her loneliness.  Darius sat on the side of his large king-sized bed.
“Selby Maison leaves me no choice.  I can wait no longer.  I must go to her when she falls asleep and finally make sure she is my eternal mate.  Once our souls and hearts merge into one...this insatiable curse of loneliness will go away.”
“At least for you and her,” Sy stated, his anger fleeing as quickly as it appeared.  “Darius, if this is true love and she is your mate…once you make love to her, you will have no need of me.  This will leave me completely alone for I have yet to find a female or male human playmate to tryst with in this city.”  His long, pale hair fell forward over his shoulders as he lowered his gaze.
“You haven’t been looking.”  Darius reached out, grabbed at Sylus’s hand and pulled him to sit beside him on the bed.  “Because there is no need for that, Sy, I will always be here for you as your friend.” 
His fingers trailed down Sy’s temple; tenderly he traced the lines of his masculine cheekbone and square jaw and caressed stray strands of hair so pale in pigment it appeared white. 
”Darius, the Dark” and his constant companion,”Sylus, the Fair“is what they called them when they teamed together in their human appearance, utilizing the cunning strength of the Satyr. 
In their days of glory, they reigned in the arena of the coliseum and brought the citizens of Rome to their feet.  Orgies of the flesh flowed like wine and debauchery was normal.  Once the word got out that a human could gain immortality from a Satyr's sperm, they took full advantage of the misinterpretation.
In truth, only the females chosen by the gods received immortality from the Satyr's sperm nectar.
Sylus was his life partner and for centuries this man had been his only friend, his constant brother and his unselfish lover.  Darius would not add physical isolation to the emotional loneliness that already burdened their hearts.
“You have my word.  You will not walk alone, Sylus.  I am here for you and always will be.  If it's true that Selby Maison is my mate, I will become faithful only to her.  She, however, is not bound by our restrictions and she will have both of us.”
“It won't be the same.”  Sylus reached up and stroked one of Darius's curved horns.  He received an immediate reaction as Darius' noble cock expanded from the fur-laden bottom half of his body.
“No, Sy.  It will be better, for I will no longer have this cursed sense of emptiness and we shall make sure you are entertained.”  He teasingly nuzzled his companion.
Darius gasped as Sylus wrapped his large hand around his member.  The tips of his thumb barely touched his middle finger and the more he stroked, the further apart his fingers separated to accommodate its girth.
“You are already speaking about her as a ‘we,' so you are already one with her, and I am on the outside looking in with envious eyes.”
Darius unbuttoned Sy's silk shirt and placed wet kisses upon his broad muscular chest, allowing his long tongue to swirl wide flat trails to his small salmon-colored nips. 
He pulled away and placed a soft kiss to his lips as he pushed the shirt off his wide shoulders. 
“Sylus, you are my erastes, lover.  Sex is not what binds us.  It's the companionship and all of our history together.”  His expression was passionately intense; he placed a loving kiss to his lips.  “Trust me, all will be well.  I don't know if Selby will accept me for who I am.  I know I must try and if she is the one, I cannot lose her.”
Sylus watched Darius' muscles play beneath his skin as he pulled his trousers from his slim hips leaving him naked.  Before his pants hit the floor, he shifted into his true form.  His lower body completely shadowed with a layer of silken white hair, except for the long phallus that came alive in his lover's hand.
Darius knew to make this last time one-on-one sexual session with his friend a special time for the both of them.  He wanted Sy to be happy for him and to be a part of the new beginning they were about to embark on with the addition of the woman he had waited on for centuries. 
Darius knew that after living as long as they had, life had become comfortably habitual and making changes was difficult to accept.  Regardless, Darius couldn’t help but see this as a good change.
 Darius wanted Selby to be a part of their world.  He trusted that she would have extra love to offer to his withered soul and Sylus’ jaded heart.
He felt his body raging and he wanted nothing more than to take Sylus without a thought or tenderness.  He knew his companion could relate to unadulterated passion and aggression, but he was already changing.  It was this newfound sense of patience and tenderness he was gradually inheriting from his bond with Selby that was causing Sy to feel insecure.
There was no time like the present.  Darius decided to allow Sylus to experience first-hand the glorious sense of fulfillment Selby brought into his life.  He reached out to Selby.  She had finally cried herself into a deep sleep and he knew that she would be waiting for him to come to her in her dreams.  This night would be different.  He would use his mental bond to both of them and bring them all together.
“I want you to completely merge with me, Sylus, so that you may know Selby as I know her.” 
“She was upset just moments ago.  Are you sure she will welcome an intrusion on your dream time together?”  Sylus’ gaze drifted the length of his body.  “Besides, weren’t we in the middle of something?”
Darius wasn’t fooled; he knew Sylus was trying to put off the inevitable.  His companion never liked giving up complete control of his senses as required for this merge to succeed.
Taking a deep breath and looking deeply into his wary brown eyes, he said, “If for some reason you and Selby do not get along, I will break the fusion and allow you to withdraw.”
Sy cleared his throat with composure firmly in place.  “I will open myself to her completely and trust you to release me from her if she becomes distraught by my presence.”
“Of course, I would never do anything to make you or Selby uncomfortable.”  His voice was overpowering, generous and soothing as he completed his mental link to Selby.
He managed to hold onto her in his mind as he felt Sylus tense from the unfamiliar feminine invasion.  Darius knew he was requesting much of Sylus.  The link between a destined Satyr and Nymph female created a life-force of overwhelming uninhibited emotions.  To another Satyr, the feelings would be almost unbearable. 
“Relax Sy and close your eyes.  Allow her to explore your body through me.  Yield to me and feel her touch through my fingers.”
Darius sighed with relief the moment he felt Sylus give himself over completely.  He became a dream observer and allowed Selby’s spiritual essence to use his flesh as her own.
Sylus could discern Selby’s compassionate heart and hesitant touch in the masculine fingertips that caressed his heated flesh. 
Fingers trailed lightly down his sides and around his hips.  Imagining that she was in the room with them, it became real for him.  With eyes closed, he shuddered with a quivering exhalation of breath as fingers took hold of his hardened penis, gripping it very firmly just above the glands.
Sy released a moan on the first upward stroke of the shaft.  He arched against the continuous motion and hissed between clenched teeth when the pleasuring hand reached the sensitive head of his cock and twisted slightly.
The up, down and twist motion continued until he thought he would go mad as he reached for his ejaculation.
Sy grunted his protest as the hand paused just when he was about to tumble into the vortex of no return.  A gasp of surprise caused the muscles in his washboard abs to tighten.  Full, searching lips suckled the round head of his cock while the flickering tip of a moist tongue teased the opening slit of its head.
He opened his long, muscular thighs wider and accepted the intense pleasure of hands and lips paying homage to his huge erection.  Gently applied pressure to his scrotum caused the muscles around his ass orifice to constrict.  His fingers dug into the mattress.  A deep longing for more of this somewhat gentle form of lovemaking seized his senses.  He felt a tear escaped from behind his tightly-closed eyelids. 
Sylus de Gauls felt the tightness of his heart-opening acceptance as he gave in to his longing for the gentle touch of a woman.  Secretly, he envied Darius' good fortune in finding his mate and could only be thankful that she accepted his role in their lives.
Darius removed his wet mouth from Sy's cock, tasting the pre-cum on his lips.  He wiped the stringy thickness away with his finger and used it to circle the dark hole, allowing his lubricated finger to penetrate and massage. 
He and Selby were one as his lips returned to the administration of passionate care to Sylus's penis.  Through this connection, he allowed her to experience what he felt, to touch and have her way with Sylus.  Darius' heart swelled because Selby was a tender lover and not only loved with her body, but her heart.  He could only love her more for being so open to accepting his male companion. 
His fingers continued penetrating Sy’s anus, manipulating and encouraging his rectal muscles to relax and accept the intrusion.  Joy and sheer pleasure radiated from Sylus’ handsome face.
Darius knew that not only had Selby won his heart and soul, she had won acceptance and an open hand of guardianship from his life partner.