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Shiree McCarver (°1964, Scottsboro, United States) is a writer who mainly writes Interracial Romances. In a search for new romantic coupling, McCarver touches various overlapping themes and issues. Several reoccurring subject matter can be recognized, such as the relationships within popular music culture and thought provoking subject matter such as depression and bipolar disorders.
Her 'Musicians in Love’ series often refers to pop and mass culture.  Ms. McCarver creates a world where light-heartedness and love can be found in darker intricate three dimensional characters. By using popular themes such as music, sexuality, family structure and sometimes violence, she approaches a wide scale of subjects in a multi-layered way.  She involves the reader in a way that they find themselves in thought provoking and often debatable subject matters.
Her works directly respond to the characters surrounding environment and she uses everyday experiences as a starting point. Often these are framed instances that would go unnoticed in their original context. With a conceptual approach, she focuses on the idea of ‘interracial romantic coupling’ and more specifically on the relationship where anyone can do anything at any given moment in the name of love.  The fact that they are from different cultures aren’t often prevalent to the lead characters.
Shiree McCarver’s books often deliberately violates accepted principles of right and wrong leaving her romances to develop into wonderfully original stories.
Shiree McCarver currently lives and works in Huntsville and she loves interacting with her readers on Facebook!

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The Pirate and the Cobra
Ntombi Azim, a skilled pirate steals precious items to sell to the richest bidder.  Her luck changes for the worse when she and her ship's crew's arrested.

They face the noose for piracy.  To keep her freedom, she has to find Francisco Angel Manuel Pinto, the grandson of a wealthy tradesman. But once the mission is a success, he is too ill to travel the distance home and she takes him to her island grotto hideaway to heal.

The last thing he expects is his attraction to the notorious African female pirate Captain Cobra of the "Black Mamba".  Yet attraction stirs a passion he can't dismiss.

Ntombi uncertain she can continue to steel her heart to the sensuous, seduction of his charms—tantalizing her until she has no choice but to surrender to both their needs.

Scorned by society and challenged by Angel’s family’s determination to make her fit in their world she must choose between an unaccepted love or her freewill.
"Current work in progress.”
Bad Solution

New Series


Rock Star Series

This group's extensive musical vocabulary is largely due to the fact that everyone in the band are college music majors, with the exception of one and he brings with him an inherited craft that has been passed down from generation to generation.
We have here, five seasoned artists who make up this diverse group:  Phillip “Luna” Rim ~ lead vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica, vocal harmonies, violin, and piano.
Johnny “Rocco” Drake ~ bass, cello, flute, and vocal harmonies.   Roman “Gypsy” Tobar ~ lead Guitar, violas, autoharp, mandolin, vocal harmonies.   Brett “Professor” Reed ~ multi-keyboards and keyboard bass, vocal harmonies. Kazuya “Kaz” Ono ~ drums, percussion, Taiko drums, vocal harmonies.  Brothers in music and friends for life.  Managed by Harold “Harry” Beamer. 
Progressive Indie classical-rock-folk band Bad Solution is an unrestrained conjuration.  An eclectic mix of musical genres designed for the listener who knows the difference. Their knock-your-socks-off vocal harmonies, lyrics with a purpose, and in-your-face orchestrations and arrangements may forever change any negative notions you have about Indie Artists forever!
These five musicians are a culmination of personal, lifelong influences and classical training.   Heavily influenced by all the music that has informed their musical taste over the years: classic rock, pop music, classical works, traditional folk music, and a little blues thrown in for good measure!

“Intolerant people, will pull you under, Drain your life of sex and wonder.''
Intolerant people  ~ Bad Solution

  1. Oh Ree, I feel so bereft!!! I loved reading your wonderfully exciting ride into Elizabethan England. I was only able to read your book, going to and from work because of time constraints!! Once I finished this book I felt as though I lost my friends!!! I miss reading about Ethan and Sauda. They are such a beautiful couple!!! Your book is a gem!!! It was a pure, enjoyable reading experience!! A joy to read!! The story was warm, sweet, endearing, sexy, hot and a beautifully written tale of passion and survival! I loved reading about the developing relationship between the hero and heroine. The story was fast-paced and the characters had `depth.' The most poignant moments in the book were Ethan's confession in the Tower and Sauda's confession at the cottage. Both showed such vulnerability and trust!!! I shed a tear while reading those parts of the book. Although I worked out some of the plot twists while reading your book, you still managed to create a few surprises!! High adventure at its best!! Even the quirky language used, added to the story and made me laugh at times!! The one thing that would have enhanced my experience even more was if Sauda was able to have children or got pregnant!!! That would have been a wonderful gift for this spectacular couple!!! Ree, I hope that this is not the last time that you write about Sauda and Ethan!! I noticed that you mentioned that Sauda had `sisters' who were also trained in various forms of assassination. I hope that will lead to a possible series of stories. That would be GREAT!! You also left the `door' open to allow Ethan and Sauda to have more adventures!!! I hope that they do. I would definitely buy more books that featured these characters!! Great Job Ree!!! I truly enjoyed this historical romance and look forward to reading more of your work!!
    Jan "The Lord and the Scorpion"
  2. I enjoy reading this book. It was the bomb! It make you believe in love again. It is a beautiful well written love story and the sex scenes are soo hot. You would need a tall glass cold lemonade and air condition just to read this book. Rating: [5 of 5 Stars]
  3. Werewolves, Oh My!" Shiree McCarver takes breathes new life into werewolves taking an eternal mate in this interesting story about a well reknown researcher Dr. Sera Tibbs is dying from cancer. I found the use of Jack the Ripper and the new twist on werewolve to be a bit refreshing and the heroes to die for, this a definte good read.
    Brandalyn Joseph-Marville "Forever Moonlight"
  4. "Great, Great, Great!!!!!!" TPATP was soooo good; the plot, action and unexpected element of the child that feel in love with Lucian and Zeundi and they both feell in love with him. The attraction between the hero and heroine is so magnetic and electrifying. I laughed and I cried. I felt as if I were on the adventure with them.
    Jennifer Thomas "The Prince and the Panther"
  5. A Holiday to Remember is an emotional tale that explores all the darkest corners of the human spirit and how Love's unmitigated power delivers us from the worst afflictions of the soul. Ms. McCarver also brings to light the true spirit behind Christmas in the forms of non-material generosity.
    M. Nix "A Holiday To Remember"
  6. What I love about Ms. McCarver is the amount of research that she does for her novels, I always learn something new. When I read her words I can close my eyes and see a movie in my mind. She makes me get emotionally invested the characters and their struggles. These were characters that I could cheer on and be happy with how their story ended.
    Missg "The Search"
  7. This story is exceptionally well written. I absolutely loved the tale oh Hide and Bonnie. Their banter and playfulness was funny and heart warming. I absolutely enjoyed reading different aspects of Hide vampire abilities and those untrusted in his world. Again, great read. I am looking forward to a sequel to this story.
    Pat in Fed way "Eternally I Do"
  8. This story hit home for me. As an African American woman who is also plus size and suffers from Hidradenitis suppurativa (HS)myself. I felt the internal struggle that Mary faced with her body being her own worst enemy. Hidradenitis is a real illness. I appreciated how Ms. McCarver elaborated on the illness and the affects it has on the body.
    Royal Blue "ALL I Want for Christmas"
  9. Ms McCarver hit the ball out of the field, this novel is a mixture of mystery and romance. The two main characters "Rain and Wen" are real to me. The historical aspects of the story is well researched. I have purchased all of Ms McCarver books and the money is well spent.
    Yellow Dog "The Search"
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